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RV Park Overview Map (designed for use with "Mexican Camping 2010 " by Mike & Terri Church)

Here is an overview map of the location of 480+ campgrounds in Mexico. This is to give you a general idea of where camping may be found. There are about 500 locations in all, ranging from full service parks to boondocking locations. Detailed information, names & locations for most of these may be found in Mike & Terri Church's book on Mexican Camping. I strongly suggest you consider purchasing a copy before attempting to camp in Mexico. . Order the Church book from Amazon, or you may also purchase it in many bookstores or RV stores.

I cannot emphasize enough, how hard it can be to locate RV parks in many locations, without specific instructions on how to navigate your way to them. Mexico is filled with small villages, narrow streets, low overhanging obstacles, one way streets & arches that can be daunting, especially for those with larger rigs. There is nothing worse than finding yourself in front of a low tree branch or at the end of a dead end street, with a 5th wheel behind you and a mordida (bribe) hungry cop waiting for you to make an error. This is not to discourage you, but I speak from experience when I say it is best to have all your ducks in a row first. Mike & Terri have researched out the best way to approach most RV parks & identified those that are unsuitable for larger rigs. You will find this information in their book. For a sample description from the book, see below the map. Please do not request a GPS list from me. I obviously produced this map from one, but out of consideration for the Church's I will not provide it. I can provide one or two individual locations on a limited basis, upon request.

There are about 50 spots not in the Church book, and several listed there have also closed.

Sample text from Mike & Terri Church's Book


To visit the Diamente RV Acapulco RV park and stores on the south side of Acapulco you should not take the U-Turn at odometer 29.8 miles (48 km). Instead continue south and at odometer 33.7 miles (54.2 km) you'll reach the stoplights on Naciones, the airport road. The Diamente entrance is directly ahead.

If you are coming from the south on Mex 200 you'll reach the bypass toll road at about Km 12. You can enter the toll bypass route to go north around Acapulco from this direction, but not to go out toward the south part of town. Instead continue straight for 4.4 miles (7.1 KM) and then turn left at the Crucero Cayaco onto the Retorno Cayaco Puerto Marquez to reach the south part of town. This turn is generally marked as Bahia Puerto Marques and Aeropuerto.