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Your US or Canadian insurance is not valid in Mexico. You do not have to buy Mexican Insurance, but it would be foolish not to. A 6 month policy is the most economical. Expect to pay about $100 for each $10K insured. Many of US & Canadian Insurance companies will rebate you for the time your vehicle is out of Canada or the US, so you can in many cases end up breaking even. We do not endorse any of these companies, but I urge you to utilize one of our advertising companies whose banners are in rotation above. I have heard nothing negative about any of them, and I would not accept their ads if I had. The ones linked below are  on the list due to positive feedback from others. We do invite people to comment on their experiences with any of them, on the forum itself. You can shop around for price, but remember you get what you pay for. I would advise ensuring you will have access to an English speaking lawyer, should you require one. I highly recommend carrying  a cell phone so you can call your insurance company from any accident scene. This is especially important if you do not speak Spanish. They may be able to translate for you.

Warning: If your vehicle or RV needs repairs in the US, most companies only cover $38 a hour , or in some cases $75 an hour, labor rates. Most RV repair places charge around $125 an hour. Some research shows that Qualitus & HDI Seguros have no upper limit. Several of the agents below sell one or both. The cheapest policy is not necessarily the best.

Below these links are individual descriptions, banners etc from some of our insurance company sponsors. Please support this site & our sponsors by using one of the companies that advertise here. Lewis & Lewis, Adventure, Amigomex,  Bajabound or Motor Mexico.

Motor Mexico - This company has a lot of positive testimonials

AmigoMex - This company has a high BBB rating

Lewis & Lewis - Well established company people on frequently recommend

Discover Baja - Insurance offered by a Baja Travel Club (bulk rates)

Mexico Insurance - Agents for Qualitus

Best Mex - This company represents several Mexican insurance companies

Adventure Mexican Insurance Services

Sanborns - Large, well established (over 60 years) agency

Baja Bound - a number have recommended this company

Ajo - recommended by Mexico Mike

Alan Walker Insurance - recommended by the folks at Operated by an fellow RV'er.

Mexpro - only provides policies through A.M. Best A-rated Mexican insurance companies.

Mexico Bob (San Xavier)

Don Smith



Lewis & Lewis

You need more Liability coverage!

Vehicular Manslaughter per person examples showing you need more Liability Coverage:

Baja California Sur Criminal Penalty $51,397 USD + Civil Penalty $296,397 USD

Jalisco Criminal Penalty $120,175 USD + Civil Penalty $120,175 USD

Yucatan, Criminal Penalty $280,508 USD + Civil Penalty $280,508 USD

Effective September 2014 and underwritten by Qualitas Compania de Seguros, S.A. de C.V.

the largest insurer of Vehicles in Mexico

Lewis and Lewis   Mexican Tourist Auto Insurance

Policies automatically include more coverage

 $500,000 CSL Liability for Bodily Injury & Property Damage

$100,000 CSL Legal Service, Attorney Fees, Bail & Defense

Medical Payments $10,000 per person; $50,000 per accident

Air Ambulance for Illness as well as Accident

Emergency Roadside Assistance & Reimbursement

Uninsured Motorist Property Damage $3,500

Full Coverage adds:  Repair in the USA, Canada or Mexico

$500 Deductible Collision and Natural Disaster

$500 Deductible Total Theft

 More Mexican Insurance coverage, a superior value and the best choice!

Example prices:

Liability only Total 3 day cost $27.14

$9,999 Vehicle Full coverage Total 3 day cost $38.10

$19,999 Vehicle Full coverage Total 3 day cost $44.92

 Liability only Total Annual Cost $162.00

$9,999 Vehicle Full coverage Total Annual Cost $272.00

$19,999 Vehicle Full coverage Total Annual Cost $362.00

You needed more Liability Coverage and now you have it!

We also Insure:

Mexican Registered Vehicles, Homes in Mexico, Boats in Mexico,  

International Travel Medical and International Major Medical

California Automobiles and Motorhomes in the USA,

Lewis and Lewis Insurance Agency, Inc.

11900 West Olympic Boulevard #475

Los Angeles, CA  90064

(800) 966-6830   (310) 207-7700    fax (310) 207-7701

California Surplus Lines License #0645420

Apply online and print your policy in minutes!

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Adventure Mexican Insurance

Adventure Mexican Insurance Services – Purchase & Print Online Mexican auto insurance in minutes. We work with 4 of the best Mexican insurance companies, so we will always have the best rates and coverage for your insurance needs.


We specialize in RVs and autos – special RV caravan rates!”

Baja Bound Insurance


Discover Baja